How MailMule's scrubbing service works

What happens when I upload my file?
When you upload your list, a basic de-duplication and quick on-the-fly validation takes place. We don't charge you for blatantly invalid emails ids or duplicates.

What happens when my list is in PENDING? Before I click "Scrub"?
Our AI starts doing a quick evaluation on each list internally estimating time and effort.

When I click on "Scrub" what happens?
The MailMule AI does a complete reccee of your list and identifies speed criteria and quality criteria. This is shown to you on your Lists page as a speed rating percentage. Thereafter, one dedicated worker thread is assigned for each account. If you have more lists, you should ideally scrub them one at a time - if you do choose to scrub them in parallel it'll take longer.

Can I get more validation worker threads on my list?
Yes of course! It costs as little as $5 per month per additional worker thread. For $500 per month you get as many as 128 worker threads scrubbing your list just for you! Each worker thread can scrub between 200 - 1000 per hour; so for $500 you're looking at 25,600 - 128,000 validations per hour! Note that email validation credits are consumed over and above this.