Mail Mule Email Validator

Email validation / scrubbing / cleaning plans

Pricing plan

A majority of the email validation features Mail Mule has to offer are made available for free, including our servers' bandwidth, guidance over email from our staff - we bring it to you on our free package as well.

Naturally freebies cannot last forever; thus we have a very generous free package but there's a top-up plan, and a whitelabel plan to help you .. erm... plan

Your MailMule account itself is free. We will never delete your account or your data. The email validations may be used on a top-up basis.

Feature Validation Only Topup
Validation Credits 1,000 Top-up
Your account
up to 10 Million credits.

Rate goes as low as
$0.0001 per credit
(one hundredth of a cent).
Speed --
Risk Assessment
Disposible (DEA) Emails
Generic Emails
MX Check
Syntax Checks
Spamtrap Check
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