Why should you use an email autoresponder?

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Why should you use an autoresponder? Undoubtedly you have heard of them. And if you have ever signed up for anything, you have experienced at least some of what they can do. But, there’s much that goes on behind the scenes that you, as a single subscriber, never see. And so in this article, I want to lift the lid on several positive uses of autoresponders.

First and foremost, the reason that online businesses use autoresponders is that it enables them to automate the messages they use to communicate with their prospects and customers.

If you’re a one-man-band, and many online entrepreneurs are, then you need to use your time as wisely as possible. Although you could write every message to those on your list personally, you can do pretty much the same thing with an autoresponder, but only write the message once.

The second reason you should use an autoresponder is that it enables you to tailor your message. I’ve already mentioned that you can use it to make your messages more personal. There’s a wide variety of salutations that you can use. Dear First Name (except that it’s in code) is probably the most popular.

The third reason is that you can time your messages. This can happen in a few ways. One is that you can schedule your message to go out to everyone on a particular date and at a specific time. Another way is to have a message go out on the basis of when people first join your list. In other words, in a 10 message sequence, someone who signs up now will get message five at a later time than someone else who signs up tomorrow. Another possibility is that you can thank those who buy your products at the time that they do so. There are many possibilities.

The fourth reason is that you can segment your message. Let’s say you have five lists. Each is for a different group of people. Some might be prospects who have been through one email campaign, but not another. Another list might be just for customers. Now let’s say that you want to send out a message to those who are on three of those lists. You can do that by selecting the ones that you want and omitting the ones you don’t. This is an effective way to avoid sending emails, that ask those who are customers already, to buy something they already have.

The last reason is that you can reorder your messages. Over time, you’ll find that some messages are more effective when they are sent at a different time in your campaign than you first thought. Autoresponders allow you to change the order that they are sent.



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