How to get more email responses?

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So you have applied email marketing to your business but are getting few responses. Most probably your emails arrived as spam to your recipients or they didn’t even bother to read before deleting them. Using email as a marketing tool is sometimes hard to achieve your goals. Most email accounts have filters to get away with the spammers out there. People don’t usually reply to unknown persons and your emails may fall to unwanted emails and considered as spam.

Here are some tips on how to get more email responses:

To improve your email response rates, your first goal is how to get past the spam filters of your recipients in their email. Then you have to get the reader’s attention and you have to be brief and concise in presenting your letter.

*The first thing you need to check is the validity of the emails you are sending to. You have to check if it is accurate and current. When sending emails, you need to check if you are typing a correct email, double check the spelling before sending them.

*You must be aware of the spam triggers. Here are potentially dangerous tactics:

  1. Emails with subject lines that start with “free”
  2. The use of excessive capital letters.
  3. Overuse of characters like “*” or “!”

In addition, repeated words or phrases can trigger also spam filters. Also, use appropriate font colours. Other colours may trigger the spam filters. Do a research for more spam triggers.

*Be a little creative with your subject line but don’t sound as overly promotional. Don’t be vague with your subject line, use keyword(s) instead to attract the readers. Think of a compelling word that would encourage them to read the message because you only have a few seconds to get the reader’s attention. Be specific with the subject line, avoid general terms because that won’t entice the readers.

*Bring your messages in front of your readers. Make sure the most important keyword in the subject line is not cut off. Some of the recipients may not be able to see it because of shortened screens. So avoid long subject titles.

*Most people are lazy to read their emails. So keep your messages short but be sure to state all the important details. Three to four sentences will do or you may number out your valuable points. You can use bullets or any symbol to make it easy for your readers.

*Do not put large graphics on your emails especially on top of your message. State the most valuable content first since the latter part of your message probably won’t be viewed without scrolling.

*Establish a relationship with someone and ask them to put you in their address book. This may not guarantee a response from recipients but it’s the most important thing you can do to increase the response rate of your emails.

Above all the most important thing is you do have a valuable offer to all the readers out there. Just make sure you are offering a product or service that is legitimate and the people will enjoy the benefit it brings.


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