Email Automation – 3 Ways To Automate Email Marketing

Email automation is a buzzword in these days. But what is email automation and how can you get benefited by this. Let’s dig into deeper.

If you are a solo entrepreneur running an online business you need to do a lot of activities yourself because you can’t afford to hire staff or don’t want to. One of these activities is e-mail marketing. If you’re not building a list and marketing your products to this list you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. E-mail automation can be accomplished using autoresponders. They allow you to automate list building, customer follow-up and track how many people open your e-mails and/or click on your links.

Autoresponders are an email automation tool you can’t live without. Learn the 3 ways an autoresponder will automatically help you to build lists, follow-up on customers, sell products on autopilot and track your success.

3 Ways Autoresponders Help With Email Automation

  1. List building

Most professional autoresponder services provide the HTML code to place on your website or squeeze page. A squeeze page consists of a sign-up form, a free offer and several bullet points outlining the benefits of signing up to receive the offer. Typically there will be no other links on the squeeze page so the reader does not get distracted by clicking elsewhere on the page. You want them to focus on one thing and that is to fill in and submit the form so you can capture their contact information and store it in the autoresponder database. Your number of subscribers will increase in proportion to the amount of traffic you drive to your squeeze page. If you do this frequently and consistently you’ll build a large list over time.

  1. Follow-up marketing

More sales are generated in the follow-up process than those prospects who only get exposed to your product once. Prospects easily get distracted and soon forget about your free offer. To cut through all their distractions you need to send them a series of e-mail reminders using autoresponders. If they are reminded to check out your product every couple of days for several weeks you have a better chance of making a sale than if they only saw it one time. Make sure you don’t just pitch your product in every e-mail but include great content. The more informed they are about your product the better your chances of making a sale.

  1. Monitoring your success

If you don’t know how many people are reading your newsletters or clicking on the links in your content you won’t know if you’re making progress. For example, if you have a list of 5000 subscribers and only 1% read your newsletter it means you’re only reaching 50 people. Test and track different components of your e-mail marketing system to improve your readership. When setting up your HTML e-mail templates for your newsletters make sure you enable tracking before sending them out.

Autoresponders are like having virtual employees who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without complaining how hard they have to work. This is the way how email automation can make your job easy and facile.

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