Email Automated Marketing Can Change Your Business

Email automated marketing is an essential part of your business marketing plan. When you set up an email automating marketing campaign, you are using the power of automation to increase your contact with your mailing list without increasing your work hours. All you need to do is create your email messages, set them up in an autoresponder service, select a few options and set it and forget it.

One of the first steps to take in a creating an effective email automated marketing campaign is to use a “double opt-in” process.

This simple step eliminates the possibility of spam marketing and ensures that every subscriber on your list chooses to receive your emails. Double opt-in eliminates automated sign-ups and ensures your subscribers have actually requested to hear from you. Once someone subscribes to your mailing list, the double opt-in system sends them a confirmation email asking them to click on a link to verify their request. This one simple step will save you countless headaches- and in fact, will set the tone of your entire campaign as that of a professional, ethical business person.

After subscribers have verified their subscription, you can begin sending them email messages as part of your marketing efforts.

The number one mistake many newcomers to email automated marketing make is to start off with a hard-sell technique to their new list. Few things will alienate a new subscriber faster than repeated emails bombarding their inbox pushing them to purchase something. Instead, business owners will find it much more effective to provide their list members with useful, helpful free information on a frequent, but not overwhelming, schedule, with occasional offers to truly beneficial products targeted to their audience.

Effective automated email marketing is all about building a relationship with your list. People work hard for their money and they are becoming more and more careful about where and how they spend it. With the Internet so overloaded with products and services of every sort and size, many of them marketed by less than scrupulous folks looking to make a quick buck, consumers are becoming more careful about what they spend their money on. They want to know who you are as a person- that you are willing to go the extra mile toward meeting their needs and helping them solve their problems. In order to make the most of an automated email marketing campaign, you need to send emails targeted toward showing your true self to your market and showing them how you are the right place Рa safe place- to spend their money.

One of the best ways you can grow your business is through a targeted effective automated email marketing campaign. With the proper mix of useful, helpful messages as well as targeted sales pitches for products your audience needs and wants your automated email marketing truly can earn you money while you sleep.


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