Common problems that could damage your email communications and how to tackle them

Email is popular as a method of communication between people living far. But it often creates major problems if the underlying tone or syntax of the mail is misinterpreted at either end. During email, hindrance occurs if the parties involved are in a different state of mind. Thus, even the slightest dissimilarity can create a communication gap between the sender and the receiver, and things could get out of control leading to a full-blown argument.

Here, we are going to discuss few of the most common problems that prevent your organization’s associates from getting your messages, and how you can take corrective measures.

  1. Emails never get opened: This is the topmost problem that leads to communication gap. You might be consistently sending information to your customers but the email might not be read every time. And if this problem occurs on a frequent basis, your organization needs to change the mode of communication. If you want your mission to successfully reach out to people, find out the most preferable mode to get in touch with your customers.
  2. Getting caught in spam filters: It is absolutely possible for newsletters and emails to get into the email spam filter. These filters are designed with a view to reducing the amount of junk a person receives in the mail inbox. And to know how not to land in the spam filter you must understand how these filters identify what is spam and what not. To get your email directly into the inbox, you need to create high-quality content without many links and images, which should be professionally formatted and proofread.

3. Bounced emails: There are several reasons why your emails may bounce back, such as non-existent email addresses, old deactivated email addresses, unavailable servers, and full mailboxes. In such cases, the intended recipient doesn’t even know you tried to reach out to them. Undelivered emails mean you need to try it again later when the server is back up or the inbox of the recipient is clear. An auto response will provide you with instructions, as to when can you reach the targeted person again later.

4. Email blocked by ISP: In order to protect PCs from viruses and malicious software, people usually keep antivirus tools installed. Likewise, Internet Service Provider block emails from certain addresses if they resemble a spam or are send to too many invalid addresses. Therefore, this results in disadvantage for your organization. There are certain tools available which allow you to track the delivery status of an email, letting you know whether your email was opened or not, and provides you with the ability to track emails and control the overall email procedure, which includes sending, reading and responses.

5. You are sending to many messages too frequently: Nobody likes to get distracted from their daily routine or feel as if they are being spammed. So if you are sending them daily emails, they would either unsubscribe or drag your emails directly to the trash box. It is obvious that you would like to engage your subscribers enough so that they remember you and your work, but that doesn’t mean you blast them with so many emails that you piss them off.  So, it is advisable to stick to once a week.

6. Subject line is important: Your email’s subject line plays an important role. It gives the first impression of your email and hence needs to be good. Make sure that your subject line is relevant to the email and is clear and precise.

These are some problems which can make your email communication feeble. The above, we also mentioned how can you overcome these problems.

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