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Improve Email Deliverability With Relevancy, Segmentation And Testing

You will hear the word “relevancy” used frequently in the email world as it relates to email deliverability. Relevancy is key to delivering email to the Inbox. But what really is relevancy and how do you achieve this holy grail? What is Relevancy? A relevant email is one that matters… Read more »

Email address verification: the key to a successful marketing campaign

In this fast developing techno space, there is a vast demand to run in parallel with the developments. Marketing campaigns are developing on a personalized level, and companies are mapping their campaigns to suit the demands and needs of their target customers’. With that said and done, if personalization is… Read more »

Common problems that could damage your email communications and how to tackle them

Email is popular as a method of communication between people living far. But it often creates major problems if the underlying tone or syntax of the mail is misinterpreted at either end. During email, hindrance occurs if the parties involved are in a different state of mind. Thus, even the… Read more »

Improving the company’s database with email validation software

Running an online business is simply complicated. There are a lot of things that ought to be considered in order to achieve the best results from it. One of the sensitive aspects of the online business that requires careful consideration is email address validation; which has proven to be one… Read more »