Scrubbing and Re-Scrubbing

What does scrubbing mean?
Scrubbing is the process of analyzing and sorting the data you've uploaded - your email list.

  • The list is split by domain (the portion after the '@') & email prefix (the portion before the '@')
  • Domains and email prefixes are validated and quantified based upon our historic experiences and the latest data available from the internet
  • After a total of 38 validation parameters are PASSED, we come to the final 2 stages: MX validation and SMTP verification
  • Further, the MailMule AI has 'learned' what is a spammy ID and what is not - by looking at our database of over 300 million emails - it does the final level of checking to clear up borderline cases

What is re-scrubbing
What happens during scrubbing is explained above - however in some cases we cannot go to step #3 and #4 because of greylisting. This is when the recipient server simply tells us to 'wait' instead of giving a clear "OK" or "NOT OK" response. During a re-scrub, all greylisted cases (that would show up as high risk) are re-authenticated and re-verified.

Why is my list stuck in "Grey"?
When we detect a large number of failures / high risk emails, our AI does a quick analysis of the list to see what it looks like. If the overall probability of the list ranges in the "high risk" region, it automatically pauses the process and demands manual intervention.
At MailMule, manual intervention is pretty rare - so if you see it happening often to your list it's an indication that the list is of poor quality.