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Shifting E-mail marketing to a useful conversion

“You received an e-mail.”

How do you respond to them when you see it in notification scroll on your mobile? Definitely! It expands to various reaction modes depending upon who sends it. But if you turn back and see E-mail is one of the biggest revolutions in the digital world. That was the first fastest communication in the globe. Although time has changed now if you send a mail, it has become a cliché. By reframing this structure of e-mail systems, we are using it completely on the business grounds, especially in marketing.

E-Mail marketing is booming the digital industry and its time to pay attention to every detail of it. Your social media presence might be your priority list, but E-mails sent are personal. Hence people build trust over it. Here are some common things you need to keep while you create E-mail marketing list for your company.

1. Build up an awesome Mailing List - people who love what you say!

Before you start off with any campaign, there is a sizeable amount of audience you should be creating who will be your first round of audience. Then slowly we can increase the chain of subscribers list. But to achieve this, you have to create a call for action; for example, some companies provide newsletter or tips related to the industry. It is like a giveaway that you provide the subscribers’ for keeping a track with you.

You should also understand that the people who dos not signup with their e-mail list with you are the people who will not buy your product from you. Mail mule allows you to create e-mail marketing management system hosted by Sendy that offers you domain setup, disk space, subscribers’ management, etc.


2. Pitch to the right people. Those who want to hear from you. 

You sure that you don’t want to get blocked or added to spam list? Then you should probably know when to pitch to your customers. If you are going to send e-mails often think from the reader’s shoes. Each of your business has different needs hence make the pitch more viable that it does not compel your customers to buy it. Attaching a media content or with the blog post is an added advantage of your pitch. You may lose this access to e-mail permission when you do not provide any value in offers that you make.

It is also appropriate for your company to use some e-mail marketing tools for segmentation of the customers. For example, Mail mule has e-mail marketing segmentation, and use it when required. You can also create criteria like geographical area, buying behavior, how often they would be using your product, etc.

3. Update and clean the list - regularly.

However small your company is, you should imply “Updating” systems in your firm, and it can start with the e-mail marketing list. It may be just one or two customers or clients who have to be added but do not push time. Update it as soon as possible. Also, remember any person who has subscribed to your company’s email is never trash. Maybe they are not an active buyer today, but they have the potential for the purchase at any point in time.

Some of our clients include reputed companies like Club Mahindra and non-profits like G5A - and they use Mail mule to manage their e-mail list. We not only help you revive your old lists, but regularly keep it updated too.

There are still more advanced techniques that we are sure you don’t want to miss. Your e-mail marketing list is one of the biggest assets of the company, hence losing them is highly dangerous - maintain your email lists super-well with MailMule's email services