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Auto- Responders: Revamping your sales force Interaction

Ideas enhancing auto-responder tool in your digital marketing

Are you running a startup? A small business?  Still thinking over to convert your E-mail marketing to potential customers? There are three important things that you should follow while you are focused on E-mail marketing. Target, engage and Convert. Auto-responders are the first step to keep your subscribers engaging. They are not just a pre-scheduled mail; it triggers the purchasing behavior of your customers.

Auto-responders are normally series of emails generated at a pre-determined time based on your subscriber action. They are one of the strategic E-mail marketing tools used in the majority of the companies. Auto-responders are classified as traditional and customary based on the requirement. Traditional auto-responders are generated when you add your customers to the mailing list, and customary auto-responders are created when there is a trigger for a time or event only. Here are the few auto-responders ideas that can be effectively used in your mail.

 1. Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter subscription is the basic business key for Auto-responders. A series of emails shall be structured over time. This structured time determined by analyzing the target audience, their peak time, geographical boundary, how often they use emails, etc. Based on this, provide a newsletter which keeps them posted about updates, offers, and discounts.

Newsletter subscription is an amazing way to welcome the new subscribers for your business. Do not forget to add the “Sign-Up offers” in your e-mails. This can make your customers happy. Mailmule Sendy offers you to analyze the e-mail subscribers’ data and attach auto-responders to reach put to them easily.


2. Birthday offers increases sales:

Don’t we all love to be remembered? Imagine you are being remembered on your birthday. Especially, you get sales offers only for you on your birthday. It helps to build goodwill over the additional sales. To create these trusts try using Mailmule Sendy that helps you to generate a birthday offer post that makes your customers open to purchase. This is the perfect feature of customary auto-responders. It has a detailed category of “Targeted offers” which promises you a good conversion number and encourages sales.

3. Building products

Products need not necessarily be materialistic. It is one of the key resources of E-mail marketing. There is every chance that you will be able to increase the sales, and your affiliate market is in demand. The product can be any content, blog posts or even videos that interest your subscribers. It can be as simple as “DIY videos” or small tutorials. Building these products can increase

1. Upsell – An upsell helps you to increase the product value. For example, your customer purchase a home theater system and you can set an email offer stating there is a premium product for the speakers purchased such as woofers, headphones, etc.

2. Cross Sell – cross-sell allows you to sell not specific products but also the related ones. For instance, your company is an online boutique. If your subscribers had checked out for summer wardrobe collections, then you can generate mail that supports sales of summer goggles, sunscreen lotions, and other relatable products.

3. Customer Loyalty – Make your e-mails more personal. You can provide product training which is useful, and it is highly influential. This fetches you more subscribers and help recommendations for the friends and family. This pure attention seeking and it is a great way to bridge the customer loyalty and sale force.

The ideas mentioned above are not possible with just one E-mail auto-responders. Hence Mailmule Sendy gives a platform to host multiple auto-responders. This fetches you high networking system and a strong community. There may be various interests among your Subscribers, and it is rather difficult to bring them under one umbrella.  Auto-responders are one of the most interactive and successful e-mail marketing tools available among the digital platform.