How fast can MailMule actually scrub a list

I've uploaded a 1000 emails list and it took an hour to scrub! What do you have to say for yourself?
Firstly, we do not provide scrubbing time guarantees unless you have dedicated worker threads. You're validating using a shared resource; and things can naturally take time.
Secondly, time taken to scrub a list is a function of the list; not a function of how our system works. If your list is high quality (90%+ speed rating) you'll get automatic high priority on our worker threads!

What's the fastest you can scrub 1 million emails?
If you put it on the standard credits-based plan it'll likely take a week or so. However if you buy dedicated worker threads this list can even be completed within a day! We currently have 18 clients who've bought dedicated worker threads and their feedback ranges from AWESOME to FRIGGIN AWESOME!

What's the worker thread cost benefit?
A worker thread is a dedicated piece of programming with a unique IP address that will sit and do the scrubbing just for you. One worker can scrub between 200 - 1000 per hour.
You can purchase any number of worker threads, starting at $5 per month per thread. For as little as $500 per month you get 128 worker threads (20% discount). This can do as many as 25,600 - 128,000 validations per hour! Note that email validation credits are consumed over and above this.