Better Email Delivery with MailMule Hosted Sendy

Mail Mule has put together a list of recommendations to follow while using MailMule Hosted Sendy + AWS, to ensure maximum deliverability!

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Remove "via" from emails sent to Gmail from Amazon SES
This is a DKIM signing issue. Please follow this link to see how DKIM should be enabled on your Amazon SES domain!

"Preview" email from Sendy doesn't send via Amazon SES
This is a known issue. Please create a test campaign and send the test campaign; then clone the test campaign and send to your actual production list. This is a more effective way to achieve the same.
Plus you get to track which of your testers opened the email :)

Are the emails included on the price?
No. You need to get your Amazon SES account running and add that into your MailMule Hosted Sendy.

How often do you backup?
We do daily full backups with hourly incremental backups. Our data flows is cloned into both Azure Blob + Amazon S3 - so you get backups redundancy benefits too!

Which Mail Service do you use?
We use Amazon SES for our mailings. However our mail service is not made available for your use - you still need to get your AWS SES in place :)

Can I use my own SMTP server?
Yes, with MailMule's Hosted Sendy you can use your own SMTP provider. Whichever one you want, wherever its hosted. However we can't track bounces and complaints on anything other than Amazon SES.

Can I use my own domain to send?
Of course! In fact we insist that all our users own their own domain and place their DKIM etc records correctly.

Is MailMule better than mailchimp?
We don't compete with mailchimp.

Fundamentally, a Chimp and a Mule are different & fulfill different functions. A mule carries the load unquestioningly, and walks with you through the last mile.
On the other hand it's usually you who carries the chimp - they don't walk much, you see...

Can I use my RSS for sending campaigns automatically?

Do you offer Autoresponders?
Yes. Sendy hosted by MailMule is always the latest version and includes autoresponders, open and click tracking, beautiful reports, API access, etc. You can also use any of the plugins and integrations that Sendy have.

What are your exact pricing plans?
If you have a Sendy license, we'll only bill you $14.99 for the hosting space, management and support costs. If you don't have a Sendy license, you need to pay is $24.99 - and we'll buy & provision a license for you.

Can I use my own domain to login on the platform?
Only if your domain is a Gmail or Facebook registered ID. Mailmule uses Google Firebase and allows superfast logins using G+ and FB accounts only.

Will other users affect my delivery rates?
No. Your performance depends on your email delivery host.

Will other users affect my reputation or complain rate?
No. Your reputation depends on your email delivery host. However if you feel queasy about this we can always get you on a private VPS - reach out to us on for the rates. It's usually around $5-$10 monthly depending on your send rate.