Mark Gaba
5 x

Totally super. I think if I'd found mailmule earlier I would have saved a lot of money in my email campaigns.

Taranand Chaudhary
4.8 x

Saved me days of IP delisting and other email nightmares. Thank you. It's affordable, and easy to use.

George S.
4.0 x

For years I've been wasting money on data validation companies. MailMule is like a beautiful spring breeze.

Aggregate feedback from our clients:

Mail Mule Email Validation Service

Affordable, easy to use email validation service
Service rating: 4.8 out of 5 with 723 ratings
Data collection methodology: Feedback emails

No Commitment, Free Validator Account

Signup today to get your free trial of 1000 free email validations
Try it out by clicking the link above. If you like how it works, you can just signup (free) and get a permanent link for yourself.

Highly efficient

We can scrub 300K emails within just 24-48 hours.

Cost Effective

As little as $1.99 for 20,000 validations*.


Detects disposible domains, generic IDs, and more!

We boast an impressive 98% accuracy.

High Accuracy Problem Detection

For the first time ever, here's a tool that accurately tells you where the problems are in your list. We detect bad domains, bad emails, even bad users (those who mark you as 'spam' even if they actually opted-in), and many many others.

Great Accuracy

Ability to clean your mailing list with precision is always a valuable thing for a good marketer.

CSV Upload/Download

No complicated formats - simply upload a list as CSV, and download the list as a CSV again. It's fast!

Cross Platform

Works seamlessly across all Google Chrome and Firefox installations whether on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

The Right Choice

We've been around since 2005 - we're not going anywhere. We are the right stuff - and you're safe with us. Learn more.

The most cost effective email verifier tool - with 1000 free email validation.

Use Cases for Mail Mule Email Validator

Old Lists

A quick cleanup can make your old lists rather usable. Reduce the risk of being marked as spam when you recycle your old lists.

Bought Lists

Scrub your purchased lists and increase the accuracy. Most list providers are willing to 'swap' bad email IDs for fresh good ones.

CSV Upload/Download

Upload your CSVs and download the scrubbed version. Simple straightforward methods - no complex offline tools / installation needed.

Goes to as little as $0.0001 per validation.

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Online bulk email Validation Tools

In this digital world having a sound digital platform is all that matters. One platform that always gets overlooked is email services. It still produces a lot of insights and leads for potential businesses so making sure to have the right data is the key. To meet with this issue came the online email scrubber tools. One such tool that gained a lot of popularity for being the best email verification tool software is the Mailmule free bulk email validation tools online.

At Mailmule, we know exactly what is required and give the best service possible to make you get the best of the best. So what makes Mailmule so the best option for your needs.

  1. Provide a free trial for email validation.
  2. Very low cost per email validation.
  3. CVS based list management service which you can download as soon as it is available.
  4. It is very easy to use. Thereby saving you a lot of time.
  5. Around the clock customer support.

What do you get by choosing Mailmule?

Attention to detail

At Mailmule we go through individual mails to verify and validate email addresses. Not just a bulk list of emails. This way you do not have to go look for a separate service provider if you want to check just one mail.

Risk-free environment

When handling a lot of emails you tend to get into a lot of trouble with some emails. They are either a waste of time or are something that might hit back at you with more spam mails. This is where Mailmule comes into play. They let you choose the level of risk that you want to take and help consult you with a campaign plan for that. Mailmule also helps in pinpointing the unsafe domains that come your way when handling so many emails. This will help you to identify them so you can avoid sending emails to those domains.

Low pricing

First of all, Mailmule is a free email validator for up to a 1000 emails. We provide a lot of services that might come of charge with other such service providers. What more, you will not be charged on a subscription basis but on a top-up basis. What this allows you to do is save a lot of money when you are not using our services. And the best part the cost per email validation can go as low as 0.0001 per credit when you use Mailmule for a long list of emails.

Mailmule could possibly be the best email cleaner software that you have come across in a long time. What is left is for you to sign-up and start using our services. And do not worry, even if your account stays inactive we intend to keep your data safe just in case in return for our service.

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